Join the Music Team!

So you made it this far… Does this mean you might be interested in joining the music team, and having your say in what gets played on Junction11?

I’m assuming it does, so I guess I better tell you how! The first and foremost port of call for anyone hoping to get involved in music on campus is to come to the Junction11 music meetings every Wednesday. These meetings are there to decide what tracks make the Junction11 Playlists, and so shape the sound of the station!

You’ll get to hear brand new music that’s sent to the station months before it’s release date, or get your own music on to the playlist. Plus, there’s opportunities to get involved with broadcasting, through live gig reviews and album reviews. You might even be able to wrangle an interview with your favourite band!

It’s not just for presenters either; ANYONE is welcome to come along and get involved.

Get involved and message Seb Potts from the Contact Page

Message the Studio

Phone The Studio

0118 378 4631